Accounting and Financial Reporting Services

In order to effectively run a small business or non-profit organization, financial reporting is key. Specifically, the financial and accounting information that provides a barometer of the success of the organization. Simply put, accurate timely, financial information allows owners and managers to confidently and effectively lead their companies and organizations.

Effective and accurate accounting is a necessity for every business and non-profit organization. Thorough accounting measures provide a picture of past results and the future direction of the organization. With this in mind, it is particularly unfortunate that many organizations struggle to maintain organized financial records. Having accurate records reduces the risk for missed business opportunities, cash flow difficulties, wasted resources and a myriad of other potentially devastating results for businesses and non-profits alike. This is why it’s so important to have a professional team of highly trained and capable Chattanooga accountants working for you.

Here at DeMoss Accounting and Bookkeeping Services, PLLC, we understand how busy you are running the day-to-day operations of your organization. We are here to step into the gap and serve you. We are ready to effectively handle the accounting and financial record keeping for your company or non-profit organization so that you can focus your efforts on leading your team, growing revenue and improving cash flow.

While you focus your energies on producing quality products or providing outstanding services, let us handle your:

Bookkeeping services
Payroll and sales tax filing services
Internal controls
Preparation of Financial statements
Financial reporting
Controller or CFO responsibilities

DeMoss Accounting and Bookkeeping Services is the team you need to step in and serve your organization! It would be our pleasure to work with your team. Give us a call today at 423-551-9700. We would love to meet you and discuss your goals and dreams for your organization.